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The Latest in Computer Aided Technology (CAD)

From the very beginning we knew that CAD technology would allow the die maker to produce higher quality tooling, and the converter to effect shorter make-ready times and achieve faster running speeds.  There was no question in our minds that this was the way to provide the highest quality product and services.  We have built LASERCAM into one of the nations top 20 diemakers by utilizing this state-of-the-art, cutting edge technology.

Original designs, individual and full form vinyls are initially created on our Artios Laserpoint system.  Graphics files are output on our MacIntosh System.  Samples are created on one of our sample making machines.  Counters are milled on one of our counter cutters.  Each of these operations is controlled by CAD technology producing tooling that achieves accuracy obtainable only by numerically controlled machinery.  This technology allow us to offer fast turnaround times and high levels of productivity and efficiency.


Precision Laser Dies

LASERCAM was one of the earliest companies to utilize a laser in the die making industry.  Today we use multiple lasers to manufacture high tolerance tooling.   Our depth of experience and these high precision lasers allow us to cut materials as thick as 1/2" steel as well as permaplex and conventional die lumber.

Our focus on detail and quality is as important as our equipment.  Close attention to kerf width, verticality and material tolerances assures consistency within a die and from die to die.  With the use of an auto-stepper or direct to plate technology in the pre-press process, extremely accurate print to cut registration is obtainable.

With the new technology in software, and the application of high powered lasers we are able to achieve an extremely fast turnaround time with quality that allows our customers to remain ahead of the competition.



The right kind of tooling can not only make a job more exact, it can also be more cost efficient - a necessity in today's economy.  At LASERCAM, we are concerned with both the quality of our products and services and reducing your production costs.

Mechanical Counters

Mechanical counters offer the folding carton manufacturer the ability to achieve shorter make-ready times and superior make-ready registration and score quality.   Make-readys can be removed from the cutting plate and stored for reuse.  The purchase and operation of cutting equipment represents a major expense.  The ability to reduce make-ready times and reach optimum running speeds more than offsets the initial investments in counters.

As end users are demanding greater varieties of specialized cartons, mechanical counters offer the ability to use inexpensive embossing and debossing applications as well as reverse cut and crease functions.

Male/Female Stripping Tools

With todays high direct labor costs, stripping tools quickly prove themselves to be a valuable asset.  Slots, punches, butterfly holes and other narrow apertures that were previously difficult, if not impossible, to remove, can now be stripped without problems.   With properly knifed and rubbered dies, a stripping tool can be designed and built to allow 100% stripping without the use of bottom pins.

Male/Female Blanking Tools

Many companies are using blanking technology to remain competitive.  New flat top tooling allows cost effective use of this technology.  Often companies find that it is economical to blank orders with as little as 2000 sheets.

We are experienced in manufacturing blanking and stripping systems for presses including, but not limited to, Bobst, Wupa, Sugano, Ijima and Iberica.

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Design/Sample Making

Every order begins with an initial design concept.  Utilizing our multi-user Laserpoint design system, our staff of experienced, knowledgeable designers transform our customers concept into reality.  The vast majority (90%) of our work is derived from the folding carton industry, and our design department averages over 10 years experience per person in folding carton design.

Each of our manufacturing facilities has samplemaking capabilities, enabling our customers to service multiple geographic markets and end users.  In rush situations, our multi-plant capabilities allow same day turnaround to markets that would normally require overnight shipping at best.  This allows our customers to stay ahead of the competition.  Through computerization, we can also design in one facility, produce samples in a second, and manufacture in a third location, without losing continuity of design information.  We permanently store any design we create for future reference, and are able to transfer these designs digitally, directly to our customers.

Whether our customers require machine manufactured samples, graphic file output, vinyls, or mechanical artboards, we have the expertise, and capacity to handle any request.


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